IMA Thumb Brake System

IMA Thumb Brake System

299 EUR
Thumb brake system from IMA. 

For the complete install you only need reservoir and brake hose. 

Base: For those who wish to remove the foot pedal and use only the thumb brake. Very economical setup. Comes as either Bar or Fork edition.

Elite: The same as Base, but with both Bar and Fork mounting options.

Racing: Comes with one IMA Master. The OEM master is moved to the handlebar and the IMA Master is used at the foot pedal.  Observe the bolt pattern 

Complete: Comes with two IMA masters and the thumb brake for either Bar or Fork mount. This version is highly recommended! 

Complete F systems are always in stock. For other bikes and systems, please send us an email for delivery time. Several clamp sizes besides R1/S1000RR are in stock. Measure your fork and send us an email!